Business Owners

At Meritage Wealth Advisory we specialize in working with successful business owners.

Are you a successful business owner? At Meritage Wealth Advisory we believe many successful business owners are so busy running their businesses and living their lives that they don’t spend the time they should on their personal finances.

Is your financial situation complex? We understand that as a business owner, your wealth is probably in a lot of different places. You may have some of it in a 401k or IRA. Some of it may be in real estate. A big part of it may be in your business. Because of that, we provide wealth management, a combination of advanced financial planning and investment management). Think of us as your personal CFO, keeping an eye on your “big picture,” bringing everything together and providing you with the information and guidance you need to make smart decisions about your money.

Do you want to have someone you can talk to about your situation? We know that many business owners don’t have someone they can strategize with about the big picture of their personal financial situation. We believe most successful business owners got that way by staying focused on what they do best, so we’re here to help with the “I made the money, now what do I do with it?” part that may not be what you enjoy or are good at.

Do you like knowing how much you’re paying?
We understand that business owners don’t like writing blank checks. Because of that, we tell you up front exactly how much you’re going to pay for our services. No surprises.

Want to learn more?  Set up a no-obligation conversation about your situation and how we can help.