Who We Are

Ken PerineHi. My name is Ken Perine. I'm a CFP® and the founder of Meritage Wealth Advisory. In my “previous” life, I was the third generation running my family’s screw and bolt distribution business. After lots of conversations, it was decided that the best thing for our family was to sell. After three generations in my family, I wanted to make sure that we were rewarded not only for my work but for the work of my father and grandfather before me. I did not want my legacy to be the generation that “screwed” it up! I realized I needed a plan.

Taking my family through the process, the light bulb went off. I came to fully appreciate what a complex puzzle a person’s financial situation can be and how important it is to get all the different pieces working together. Wanting to help others succeed, I founded Meritage Wealth Advisory.

I found inspiration for my firm’s name at a local winery. In the wine world, Meritage is a term to describe a blend that comes from the combination of the words Merit (the quality of being good, having value or worth) and Heritage (the traditions, achievements, beliefs, etc. that are part of the history of a group). For me that summed up how I’d like to help my clients realize full value for their life’s work.

I believe that no one succeeds alone, so to honor all who have helped me, I try and give back. I’m an active member of NAPFA, the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors. I’m a past President of the Tri-Valley Estate Planning Council and a past President of the Rotary Club of Livermore and their charitable foundation, the Rotarian Foundation of Livermore.

When I’m not helping clients and serving professional and fraternal organizations, I enjoy camping, mountain biking, and hiking with my wife Gina and our dog Earl. I also enjoy a good meal and a glass of wine with friends!

Certified Financial Planner CFPNAPFATri-Valley Estate Planning Council