Investment Management

Are you taking more risk than necessary to accomplish your goals? Taking you through our financial planning process before making investment recommendations gives us perspective on how much risk you need to take with your investments. We see no reason to take more risk with your investments than is necessary to accomplish the things in life you want.

Do you have the right investment strategy? Often your asset allocation is based on your “risk tolerance.” That’s another way to say how comfortable you are on the roller coaster ride that is the stock market. While important, we think you need more information to pick the right strategy for you. What if you’re comfortable taking risk, but you don’t need to? What if you’re not comfortable taking risk, but you need more growth on your investments? We help you figure out the mix that’s right for you.

Is your investment strategy a fad, or built on academic research? Numerous studies suggest that there are investing “factors” which over long periods of time have rewarded patient investors with better returns. We take advantage of that research and “tilt” our investment portfolios to increase your exposure to those “factors.”

Are your investments diversified enough? We understand that people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs did very well with “concentrated” portfolios but for most people that means taking a lot of extra risk. It’s the “all your eggs in one basket” idea. While that may be a great way to make a lot of money for a few people, for most it can be a great way to lose it. We help you develop a properly diversified portfolio designed to accomplish your goals while minimizing your risk.

Are you paying too much? We believe good value is getting above average results for below-average fees. To keep your costs low, we utilize low-cost mutual funds and ETF’s to build diversified portfolios. While it’s often true that “you get what you pay for,” with investing that’s not always the case, so we work hard to keep your investment costs low.

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