Exit Planning

Exit planning is the process of growing your business in a way that efficiently converts ownership into personal financial freedom and peace of mind.

Are you a business owner? Owning your own business can have a lot of benefits, but from a financial planning perspective, it also presents a lot of challenges. Usually, it represents a significant portion of your personal net worth. That’s a lot of your financial eggs in one basket. It’s probably the main source of your income. How are you going to replace that when you either can’t or don’t want to work anymore? Always it is the product of a tremendous amount of your hard work. What would you do with yourself if you weren’t working? Exit planning is about helping you figure it out.

Would you like to not have to work someday? If you aren’t thinking about it yet, you need to get started! Exiting the business you’ve spent years building may be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. Have you thought about when you might like to slow down or pursue other interests? What if you or a loved one got sick and you weren’t able to keep working? Would you be ready? We help you develop plans so that when the time comes you can go out on your terms.

Would you like to make sure you have enough money? Do you know how much is enough? Step one is figuring out how much the rest of your life is going to cost and how much money you’ll need to pay for it. That’s very helpful when you’re trying to decide which exit strategy makes the most sense for you. We help you figure it out!

Do you want to make sure the people you care about are going to be okay? As a business owner, you have a lot of people depending on you. Your family, your employees, your customers. We help you develop plans so that if something were to happen to you, the people you care about would be okay.

Do you want to protect what you’ve worked so hard to build? It’s sad, but we live in a litigious society and you don’t have to be wrong to get sued. We help you identify potential exposures and develop plans to minimize the impact of events that could derail your plans.

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